YRS Hotel Policy

YRS strives to provide a fun group atmosphere for its members on our trips around Ontario and abroad. Part of this is the post-dive experience.

In order to optimize time together as a group, as well as get the best accommodation rates possible, YRS designates an official hotel for trips that require an overnight stay. This means members do not need to search out housing arrangements and that the group stays together. Members are of course able to make alternate arrangements if they like, however, should they choose to enjoy the group hotel, the following points are in effect:

  1. YRS is pleased to help find roommates for single divers. All roommates are expected to be responsible for an equal share of the total price of the room for the trip regardless of the number of nights they stay. YRS reserves the right to use funds from the members dive fees to allow the other roommate to recoup additional costs should the member not fulfill this obligation.
  2. Should a member be unable to attend a trip, they are still responsible for their equal share of the room to their roommate should the spot not be filled. YRS reserves the right to use funds from future trips that the member has paid for to offset costs.
  3. Rooms booked for a single diver or a couple shall be booked for the full number of nights as the group block. YRS reserves the right to use divers fees to recoup any costs.
  4. YRS does not engage in financial transactions between members and the hotel and does not collect funds for accommodation. All housing transactions are done strictly between the member and the accommodation. YRS assumes no risk or responsibility for issues arising from the accommodations.